Prepare Your Child For The World Of Acting

Prepare Your Child For The World Of Acting

Becoming an actor is like any other job that requires commitment. It takes a passion and an unwavering determination to become the best of the best. Your child wants to be a part of that and let’s face it, there’s a million kids who’ve thought about becoming an actor. For parents like you, who want nothing but the best for them, the hard part is figuring out how to proceed. Do they want it? If they really do, what exactly do I need to do for my child to succeed in the art of acting? The key to a successful actor, young or old, is preparation. Here are a few ways you can prepare your child.

Create a profile/résumé: Creating a profile is one of the most essential tools you will need as well as your child’s résumé. While creating a profile, the important thing to recognize is not only the expenses but to recognize what kind of photographer is taking the picture. You would want a professional who has worked with children before. As for the résumé, your primary fear is that there wouldn’t be enough for casting directors to look at. It’s perfectly fine if they don’t have a lot of experience! All directors are really looking for is the best qualities your child possesses. You never know if your child’s ability to speak three languages will come in handy.

Start looking for classes, workshops, etc.: While expenses also play a role in this, it’s vital that your child is given the proper training necessary to prepare for the acting world. This is especially during the summer months, where kids don’t usually have much to do anyway. These classes and workshops will help your child prepare to create monologues, improvisation, and it will help your child expand upon their acting capabilities throughout film, voiceover, and theater. Plus, depending on their teachers, it will really help them find the connections they need to find the best agencies.

Audition time: You’re now at the stage where auditions are going to be coming your child’s direction. One of the hardest things for children to accept is the idea of rejection. It is important that before any audition, your child is aware that rejection is possible. It’s okay! Getting an audition at all is quite the accomplishment. Also, your child just needs to be themselves and act like any other person in the room. In the end, it’s the character as well as the professionalism of the child that keeps directors on their toes.

Going into the acting field shows commitment but it also develops a strong form of character that is only the best for your child. While acting can only be an after-school hobby, it takes more than that to become the next Meryl Streep. The true artistry lies within the passion and the commitment of all parts, no matter how small. It takes small but powerful steps for you to help reach your child towards their ultimate life goals.

Robert Gillings is an award winning writer, producer, actor architectural designer, philosopher and financial consultant.

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